Free, mobile-friendly
bookkeeping for
busy contractors.

Vanquish your admin -
recapture your weekends!

How it works

If you have had enough of spreadsheets, start
using Thumbbooks and help us persuade your
accountant to enter the 21st century - or ditch
them and pair with one that already has.

1 You are a UK contractor

With a limited company and an accountant who does your financial reporting, PAYE, dividend calculations, National Insurance, P35, VAT submissions etc. Your accountant makes you fill out and send in spreadsheets containing your invoices and receipts etc. This takes up your valuable free time and has to be done at home - additionally with this completely insecure, error-prone system you can't access this information from just anywhere, meanwhile he is effectively charging you to sort out all the mistakes that arise!

2 Thumbbooks is...

A hyper-mobile internet bookkeeping application that lets you do your invoicing, mileage, receipts, VAT returns, bank transactions etc while you are on the move. It works fine even on old Nokia symbian phones - you don't even need an expensive tablet to use most of the features. It is uncompromisingly specialised for UK contractors and their accountants. With your data intelligently validated up front there are fewer errors. This brings the accountancy costs down, to be passed onto you with reduced fees. PLUS working with our accountants over https is secure, unlike emails which traverse the internet unencrypted.

3 You can use Thumbbooks
for FREE

The software helps you to:
share your data with your existing accountant
or to "pair" with one of our existing ones (starting from £60 per month)

This saves you money and frees up your weekends! We invoice our participating accountants and are keen to get new ones to partner with; this means you can use the software for free, unconditionally and with no time limit. It gives you access to your data from anywhere via a reporting suite. Use it from your phone, home or work computer - there's nothing to download. If you have had enough of spreadsheets, start using Thumbbooks and help us persuade your accountant to enter the 21st century - or ditch them and pair with one that already has (starting from £60 per month).

Free? Really?

Yes. We provide Thumbbooks free to all UK contractors

It's not an accountancy package - you still need
an accountant to complete the service

We charge your accountant, not you

Advantages over online
accounting packages

Thumbbooks isn't an accountancy package - it uses plain english only; no accountancy jargon is used - no knowledge of accountancy is needed.

Uncompromisingly designed specifically for UK contractors yielding spectacular ergonomics.

The only mobile bookkeeping app for UK contractors.

Do your bookkeeping chores in seconds while at work or travelling, leaving your weekends free.

Friday Schedule


You're up and off to work. It's Friday and you are looking forward to the weekend, which will be completely free of the business admin chores that used to eat it up.


You take a coffee break in the canteen where you work. Away from the eyes of your colleagues you whip out your mobile device and click straight into Thumbbooks. At a glance you see it is time to approve your VAT return, so you click to review. All your calculations are done and look correct. You click the "Approve" button. All done in 3 clicks with no typing - that's why it's called Thumbbooks!


Off home - waiting for the bus outside work, you click into Thumbbooks and select the invoicing button. The software knows what you are going to invoice, so has defaulted all the values for you! You just click "Save". Now it lets you click to email - it defaults your agent's email address just like last week. You click "Send" and your invoice is awaiting payment before you get home. You drive to work except on Fridays. Thumbbooks knows this. You click on mileage and it lets you enter the 4 days' of mileage trips with a click each. With 10 clicks you've just done an hour's worth of admin in 2 minutes without even needing to type a single key and the weekend ahead is FREE!


Off to the pub with some contractor friends. Take your tablet with you. They will be so impressed when they see how you manage your business. They will like the price too - "FREE? No-way! I pay Freeagent 28 quid a month and you need to type, so I can't use it on my phone 'cause the keyboard is so rubbish..."